Women in medicine need access.

We are taking over the medical world and yet there is little space reserved to talk about the unique concerns of female physicians, how to run their practices, or how to create space to prevent burnout and increase our wellbeing.

The thing we need … is access to resources and tailored support.

Through my thought leadership and consulting, I’m here to help the community-at-large and individual female physicians to become the CEO of their business and their life.

That’s what I’m here to deliver. 

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It was very unlikely that I’d start my practice right out of residency, but I did it anyway.

The plan was always for me to join the local practice in my hometown. But as timing is everything, the plan I’d created for myself when I was entering medical school didn’t work out as I’d envisioned. 

I found myself faced with a dilemma. 

Move away and join another practice … or go out on my own and start my own business. 

I did the unexpected thing, and more than a decade later, my practice is thriving. 

The twist to this story was that I didn’t come from a ton of money, have an Ivy League business school, or possess any of the other traits that would have made my success a foregone conclusion. But I, like you, had invested a massive amount of time and money into myself. 

In reality, I’d been betting on myself all along. Just as you’ve been betting on yourself, too. 

I’m on a mission to help female physicians live better and build better businesses.

Over the past decade, I’ve learned many lessons and made many pivots.

Some of those lessons were painful and draining — and I want to help you avoid those pitfalls as you grow your practice. 

Read my 5 mantras on how we can accomplish this HERE.

I’m Dr. Katrina Skinner,

Speaking Topics

Marketing Your Pediatric Practice

Practice Efficiencies and Provider Wellness

Joy and Alignment for Female Providers 

Practice Areas & Credentials

  • Board-certified by the American Board of Pediatrics
  • Founder and CEO of Fairhope Pediatrics
  • President of the Alabama Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Practicing physician since 2009
  • Founder of Women in Pediatrics 
  • Consultant for female pediatricians across the US

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and here’s who I am at-a-glance.

Consulting Areas

Provider Mindset 

Managing People - Including Yourself

Stepping into the CEO-Role of Your Medical Practice

“Tidying up” Your Business

Creating the Vision for the Life You Want 


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