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Support for female physicians with in-depth consulting for the practice and the physician.

Your practice can support you fully.

Med school doesn't teach you how to run a business.

Female physicians need more resources, support, and no-nonsense guidance to help them build aligned and well-supported businesses and restorative lives. 

Because when more physicians have the tools to run efficient practices that fill them up instead of draining them, they are empowered to become better advocates for the most vulnerable populations — their patients.

And that's by design. But it’s not enough to love medicine (although it’s so very important). You have to also love business to be a good practice owner.

and Your Practice

Become the CEO of Your Life

Learn more about coaching support for your life and practice.

Traditional practice management consulting will dive into your organization, business practices, and finances.

This is only part of the picture, and different from the work we’ll do together.

When we partner on your coaching journey, we’ll build a foundation with you — the physician — at the center. When you are supported, the rest will follow.

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The physician should only do what the physician can do.

As women in medicine, we are often doing all the things. We’re managing our practices from the top-down, running our own households, keeping up with CMEs and boards, navigating CDC recommendations that seem to change every day, and dealing with the headache that is insurance. 

There’s enough to do in twenty-four hours to fill an entire week. And yet, every physician has 1440 minutes a day.

My mission is to help you see a different way to operate — not just as a physician and professional, but as a human being.

(And just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.)

We can do things differently.

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Hi, I'm Katrina!

I built my practice from the ground up right out of residency. I quickly realized that the frenetic pace of a solo, small-town doc was not compatible with the life I wanted to lead — you know, one with other humans in it — so I started exploring ways to maximize my efficiency in and out of the office. I’m on a mission to live the most fulfilled life, and I want to help you do the same.

My practice is not perfect, and it’s constantly evolving, but I want every pediatrician to feel fully rewarded for the work she does. I took the time to create this material because I’ve met so many struggling pediatricians whose greatest obstacle to professional success is themselves. 

Independent Pediatrician, Advocate, and Yarn Junkie


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I’m committed to supporting female physicians and sharing thought-leadership through speaking engagements, organizations I support and lead, and articles I’ve published. 

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